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PremierCredit Zimbabwe

Money on the Go

PremierCredit Zimbabwe (Pvt) Limited, is a prestigious, integrated and versatile Zimbabwean based holding company with an extensive portfolio of partnerships that operate in Zimbabwe focusing primarily on commodity and service merchandising.

PremierCredit is a subsidiary of a private holding company with presence in Zambia, Mauritius and South Africa. The group along with its robust capital structure and technology infrastructure seeks to disrupt the Zimbabwean market with novel solutions that are hassle free, simple, convenient and very affordable.

Our Approach
We cross corroborate and work with our partners to create long-term business relationships, utilizing our expertise, professionalism and our network. As a social enterprise and impact distribution company we offer a unique answer to the problem of sustainability to many companies who got the product or the service but do not have a winning or sound go to market approach.


Be part of our affiliate program

Earn commission on the go by joining our ambassadorship and affiliate program. You will be given a link with a unique code and you will be able to share it online, inviting potential customers to come and shop on our online store. Once an order is fulfilled, you will be awarded with a commission for bringing a sale to our shop. This program is open to all online influencers and every individual who is willing to take up this exciting challenge.

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